NESEA community

My favorite conference–Building Energy Boston–is coming up (Feb. 28-Mar.1). To see why the NorthEast Sustainable Energy Association community is so great, please read my friend Jodi’s article: “NESEA is about Connecting” in this BuildingEnergy Magazine issue below. It’s on page 27, which you can get to by putting the page number in the box at the top of the issue:

NESEA 2020 BuildingEnergy Magazine Volume 39 – Number 1

Jodi and I are in the picture there (I’m in the back), along with some other “kindred spirits” as she says in the article. I already know that two of my friends in the photo won’t be there due to Covid considerations, but I’m looking forward to seeing friends again, and making new ones. If you’re in the building industry in the Northeast (or even a bit farther), please consider joining!