Why reusable water bottles vs. disposable? And how?

Since I consider myself a problem solver, every now and again it really bugs me to think about this “problem”: why aren’t more people using reusable water bottles? (And, it IS a problem.) But it’s so easily solvable in my mind, that I have to put myself in someone else’s shoes.

“My water at home doesn’t taste good.”

I understand that some households water has chlorine, or is from a well and they don’t like the taste (I can attest–I don’t like my sister’s water!) A lot of times I fill my water bottle the night before and leave the top off to let the chlorine evaporate. Also, you could purchase a water filter, either on the tap or as a refillable container. I happen to have a filter in my refrigerator door, also.

“They’re a pain to clean.”

I get this. When I first had a reusable bottle (almost 30 years ago, before it was trendy!) the straw that came with it got yucky. And I didn’t wash the bottle every single time I used it. I still refill mine for a couple of days before washing, but I’ve armed myself with three different sized bottle brushes. Also, I find the wide top to be much easier to wash. The three bottles shown above are my go to choices. They don’t have a built-in straw and they’re super easy to clean.

“But the plastic bottles are so convenient, and I recycle them, when I can.”

This one’s harder. Helping keep our planet habitable may not be as convenient. And if you’re committed to easy, I’m probably not going to win you over. After all you have to fill it, and remember it, and carry it, and return it home, and clean it. Some of this you already have to do with a disposable (in addition to purchasing it.) But, think about having the beverage you want, whenever you want, and not having a mountain of empty plastic somewhere on the planet, of which only about 25 percent gets recycled (even lower recycling rates for other drinks in plastic.)

I haven’t even mentioned the leaching of chemicals (plastic is made from fossil fuels, after all), or the possible yearly savings you’ll reap, even if you buy a fancy model of reusable bottle. Because you already know those things. It’s really about convenience, right?

The three pictured above were actually free (to me) and I’ve had one of them for over ten years. Are they pretty? Not really. Do they sometimes fall over because the bottom is dented? Yes, the one in the middle. If you’re not a reusable bottle user, and I haven’t thought about your particular obstacle, let me know in the comments. Also, consider giving it a try!